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The key to a successful logo design is to begin with the right color palette to represent your brand. Making a logo that is appealing color combos can be a challenge. We’ve put together two great color combinations that are well-suited.

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Perfect color combinations of colors

Dark blue and bone white

One example would be Barber. Barber brand.

If you want to create a vintage-inspired look This is often a good option to choose the color that’s not quite white. It’s also a great accent color. The cool blue of the navy stands out beautifully against the warm white background.

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Fuchsia and blue gasoline

CupCake Dreams brand can serve as an illustration.

Warm and bright tones bring excitement and high expectations to any brand. The vibrant pink color is a nice contrast to more dark color making it look more lively.

Moss Green on Beige

A good example would be Green Fingers, the Green Fingers brand.

Green is usually linked to natural products. There are a variety of greens. In this instance the moss-colored green is more dark than its lighter beige counterpart. Together, they are able to give a natural appearance.

Dark purple and lavender

One example would be that of the Lavender brand.

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The key to logo design is to create catchy, but easily readable colors. In this instance we’ve used two distinct colors that are roughly the same shade (purple). The darker purple is a hint of the name of the company and the light lavender color provides a pleasing background.

Black, warm red and white

A good example is Mountain Tours. Mountain Tours brand.

The timeless color combination of black, red, and white is usually employed to get the maximum effect.Black and white have the two most striking colors which is why they remain clear and easy to read. Red is an attractive, bright, warm color.

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Bright Blue and Dark Blue

A good example is Pet’s Palace. Pet’s Palace brand.

The logo is the dark and light versions of blue. Blue is a highly accessible color that nearly everyone loves.

Dark gray and pink

One example is an example would be the PX Studio brand.

Pink colors typically work best when they have a slight gradient effect. A dark, subdued gray can be employed to emphasize the persona. Instead of opting for pure black We give it a personality by selecting a dark blueish gray.

80s pink and purple

A good example is Rain Rover, the Rain Rover brand.

When you pick an older brand that is more youthful, it will help bring out the best colors. This vibrant palette of purple and pink brings the typical 80s color palettes back to the millennium.

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Bright red and bright yellow

A good example is Refresh, the Refresh brand.

Two very vibrant colors create this striking color combination. Yellow is a bright color and therefore any different color is darker, which is why it will it will stand out against this yellow backdrop. Red is the brightest color in this logo instantly reminding you of sun-drenched beaches and warmer weather.

Eggplant purple over sunny yellow

One example is that of the Sunny Boy brand.

The color yellow can also be used to create subtle effects. In this instance we are using this effects to create a background a bright and cheerful feel. The dark purple color of the eggplant creates a very striking logo.

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Gold on Black

A good example is The brand The Greatest.

There’s nothing more beautiful than gold against black. Applying a subtle gradient to a light brown-yellow tone creates a stunning gold foil appearance. Ideal for high-end brands.

Taupe on teal

A good example is the name TreeHouse.

These fuzzy colors are a great match. Notice how a cool, dark color is beautifully contrasted with warmer, lighter color.

Royal purple and bright red

This brand VanderWild brand is a good example.

The color royal purple appears like black, however it makes the logo more appealing color combination. The logo, when paired with the bold red monogram instantly makes it clear from the distance.

  • Cool dark gray
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One example can be seen in that of the Vintage Toys brand.

The logo is a mix of cool and warm colors which work well. The dark gray shade with an underlying blue-green tone works nicely with the bright red. The reality that both colors aren’t exactly pure gray or red creates a fascinating color palette.

Methods to create the ideal emblem color combination


For a reputable logo, it’s a good idea to begin with a thorough look at the most popular color designs. It is important to become familiar with the latest trends to know how to create the logo, and then examine the methods.

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Monotonous variations that are a part of the logo design scheme

Like the name suggests the technique uses just one tone. Numerous popular companies employ this method.

For instance:

  • Nike.
  • Apple.
  • Grill, Bar and Grill.
  • Coca-Cola.

The practice of global brands that a single color draws interest and is recognized. It is crucial to select an accent color that reflects the distinctive features of the business and matches the image it portrays.

Similar logo color schemes

In a similar fashion the tones that are closest to each one another in the color wheel are utilized. They match perfectly and have similar temperatures.

Additional color schemes for logo

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Tone is employed to create vibrant and creative logos. They are placed next to one another on the color wheel. For instance, you could take a look at the table using any programand select the one that is opposite.

Four-color design type

The most rich tone options. It employs two sets of tones that are complementary. This technique is commonly employed by sports-related brands and software companies.

In this way, it is crucial to select colors extremely carefully. It is not required to pick the colors that are in contrast to one to each other. It is crucial to ensure that colors were in harmony and emphasised the strengths of the business.

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Triad – a popular design scheme

This method is thought to be as the most straightforward. It is essential to draw an outline of a triangle, with the center of which is the principal color for the emblem. The sharp edges will identify which tones should be employed in the other.

This option is ideal for businesses that have made a decision on the direction to take, and know which color is most effective to highlight all of the elements. It’s sufficient to select the colors that are indicated and then paint the logo.

There are special websites to help designers. You can also use software to create logos, photos.

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As you will observe that your color combination plays the entire part in creating a logo, that grabs the attention at first glance and is etched in the minds of prospective clients for years to come. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your company more profitable, take advantage of our deals!

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