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Nadine Chandrawinata is a well-known beauty pageant winner, actress, and producer from Indonesia. She has represented her country in international events and won numerous accolades. Her achievements are not only limited to the entertainment industry but also extend to her philanthropic efforts. Nadine is an inspiration to many, especially to young girls in Indonesia who strive to succeed in their own fields of interest. This post will explore the life and career of Nadine Chandrawinata, and how she has become Indonesia’s pride through her hard work, determination, and talent.

Nadine Chandrawinata’s Early Life and Career

Nadine was born on May 8, 1984, in Hannover, Germany. Her father, Gunawan Wibisono, is an Indonesian diplomat, and her mother, Margitta Juwita Wirjawan, is German. Nadine spent most of her early years moving countries, following her father’s diplomatic postings. She attended schools in Germany, Australia, and the United States before returning to Indonesia. Upon her return, she immersed herself in her country’s culture and language and pursued a career in modeling.

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The Rise of Nadine Chandrawinata: Her Pageant Career

In 2005, Nadine participated in the Puteri Indonesia pageant, which is a preliminary event to select the representative for Indonesia at the Miss Universe pageant. Nadine was crowned Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan (Miss International Indonesia) and went on to represent her country at the Miss International pageant in Japan, where she was crowned the winner. Nadine became the first Indonesian woman to ever win an international beauty pageant.

Nadine Chandrawinata’s Acting Career

Following her success in the beauty pageant, Nadine ventured into acting, where she has made a name for herself in Indonesian cinema. She has appeared in numerous films, including Sang Pemimpi (Dreamer), Impetigore, and Garuda di Dadaku (Garuda in My Heart). Her performances have been recognized and awarded, including her nomination for Best Actress at the Indonesian Film Festival in 2009.

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Nadine Chandrawinata’s Philanthropic Efforts

Apart from her work in the entertainment industry, Nadine is also known for her philanthropic efforts. In 2011, she co-founded Greenhope Foundation, an organization that focuses on environmental conservation and education. The foundation has undertaken various initiatives, including beach cleanups, mangrove planting, and awareness campaigns. Nadine is also an advocate for education, and in 2017, she was appointed as the Indonesian Goodwill Ambassador for Education by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Nadine Chandrawinata’s Influence on Indonesian Women

Nadine’s success and achievements have made her an inspiration to many young girls in Indonesia. Her perseverance and dedication to her craft have shown that with hard work and determination, anyone can succeed, regardless of their background. Nadine’s philanthropic efforts have also inspired youths to give back to their communities and become advocates for a better environment and education.

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1. What is Nadine Chandrawinata famous for?
Nadine Chandrawinata is famous for her career as a beauty pageant winner, actress, and producer. She has represented Indonesia in international events and has won numerous accolades.

2. What was Nadine Chandrawinata’s first pageant title?
Nadine Chandrawinata’s first pageant title was Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan (Miss International Indonesia) in 2005.

3. What is Greenhope Foundation, and when was it founded?
Greenhope Foundation is an organization co-founded by Nadine Chandrawinata that focuses on environmental conservation and education in Indonesia. It was founded in 2011.

4. What films has Nadine Chandrawinata appeared in?
Nadine Chandrawinata has appeared in numerous films, including Sang Pemimpi (Dreamer), Impetigore, and Garuda di Dadaku (Garuda in My Heart).

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5. What award was Nadine Chandrawinata nominated for in 2009?
Nadine Chandrawinata was nominated for Best Actress at the Indonesian Film Festival in 2009.

6. What is Nadine Chandrawinata’s role as the Indonesian Goodwill Ambassador for Education?
Nadine Chandrawinata’s role as the Indonesian Goodwill Ambassador for Education is to promote education initiatives and raise awareness of the importance of education, especially among underprivileged children.

7. What has Nadine Chandrawinata contributed to Indonesian women?
Nadine Chandrawinata has contributed to the confidence and aspiration of Indonesian women to pursue their dreams and achieve success in their respective fields.


Nadine Chandrawinata is a remarkable individual who has achieved much in her career and made significant contributions to her country’s economy and society. Her success demonstrates the importance of determination and hard work, regardless of the challenges faced. Nadine’s philanthropic efforts in environmental conservation and education have inspired many youths to advocate for a better future. Nadine Chandrawinata is a role model for Indonesian women, and her story continues to inspire and empower others to succeed and give back to their communities.

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