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Unraveling The Mesmerizing Life and Career of Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi is a well-known actress who has taken the world by storm. She has a magnetic presence on screen and has given remarkable performances throughout her career. She has been associated with some of the most popular TV shows and has received immense love from her fans. Her journey from being a cheerleader to a successful actor is nothing short of inspiring.

Let’s dive into the life and career of Sarah Shahi, section by section:

Early Life and Education

Sarah Shahi was born on January 10, 1980, in Euless, Texas. Her real name is Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi. Her story is one of the classic American Dream. Her father is of Iranian descent, and her mother is of Spanish and Mexican ancestry. Sarah was raised in a conservative Muslim household, and her parents expected her to become a doctor or a lawyer. Her parents had immigrated to the United States in the 1970s, and so, they had some set beliefs regarding their daughter’s life. However, Sarah had different plans. She was always interested in performing arts and grew up watching different TV shows and movies.

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Sarah was a bright student in her academics and received a scholarship to attend the Southern Methodist University, where she studied English and Theater. In college, Sarah was also a cheerleader and was part of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. However, her passion for acting never ceased, and after graduating, she decided to move to Hollywood to pursue her dreams.

Career in Acting

Sarah Shahi’s acting career started in 2000 when she appeared in an MTV reality show called “Wannabe.” The show was basically a competition that aimed to find the next big thing in Hollywood. Though Sarah didn’t win the show, it opened doors for her in the entertainment industry. Her first acting gig was in the TV Series “City Guys” in 2001. She played a small role in the show, but it was enough to give her the motivation she needed.

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In 2003, Sarah Shahi got a breakthrough role in the TV series “The L Word.” She played the fierce and cunning Carmen de la Pica Morales, a DJ. The show was critically acclaimed and went on to run for six seasons. Sarah became a household name after the show and received immense love from the community for her performance. In 2008, she left the show to pursue other opportunities.

After “The L Word,” Sarah got a role in the thriller TV series “Life” as Dani Reese. The show aired on NBC from 2007-2009. The show was about a cop who is falsely imprisoned for 12 years and gets released with the help of a detective. Sarah Shahi played the role of a cop alongside star actor Damian Lewis. Sarah’s performance received positive reviews from critics, and she gained a broader fan following.

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Sarah Shahi’s acting career has only gone upwards since then. She appeared in the comedy show “Old School,” the action-comedy “Bullet to the Head,” and the drama-thriller “Fairly Legal.” She also starred in the CBS drama series “Person of Interest,” where she played the role of Shaw. Her performance as an intelligent ex-government agent won her praise.

Personal Life

Sarah Shahi married the actor Steve Howey in 2009. They had met on the set of “Reba” in 2004, where they both played siblings. The couple has three children together- William Wolf Howey, Violet Moon Howey, and Knox Blue Howey. Sarah is known to be private about her personal life and doesn’t share a lot on social media. However, she has shared her struggles with mental health and has spoken about her anxiety issues on several occasions.

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Awards and Nominations

Sarah Shahi’s remarkable acting skills have been recognized by the industry. She has been nominated for several awards and has won a few. In 2008, she was awarded the “Rising Star” award at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. She was also nominated for the “Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series” award at the 12th Satellite Awards for her role in “Life.” In 2015, she won the “Critics’ Choice Television Award” for “Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series” for her role in the show “Person of Interest.”

Philanthropy Work

Sarah Shahi is known to be passionate about philanthropy work. She is a PETA supporter and has appeared in several ads for the organization. She is also a board member of the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project, a non-profit organization that provides healthcare for people living in rural areas of Nepal.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Sarah Shahi’s real name?
Ans. Sarah Shahi’s real name is Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi.

2. Where is Sarah Shahi from?
Ans. Sarah Shahi was born in Euless, Texas, and is of Iranian, Spanish, and Mexican descent.

3. When did Sarah Shahi start her acting career?
Ans. Sarah Shahi started her acting career in 2001 with a small role in the TV series “City Guys.”

4. What is Sarah Shahi’s most famous role?
Ans. Sarah Shahi’s most famous role is that of Carmen de la Pica Morales in the TV series “The L Word.”

5. Is Sarah Shahi married?
Ans. Yes, Sarah Shahi is married to actor Steve Howey.

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6. How many children does Sarah Shahi have?
Ans. Sarah Shahi has three children with Steve Howey- William Wolf Howey, Violet Moon Howey, and Knox Blue Howey.

7. What philanthropy work is Sarah Shahi involved in?
Ans. Sarah Shahi is involved in supporting PETA and is a board member of the Himalayan Family Healthcare Project.


Sarah Shahi’s life and career are nothing short of inspiring. She went against her family’s expectations and pursued her dreams of becoming an actor. Her journey from being a cheerleader to a successful actor is commendable. Sarah’s talent and magnetic screen presence have won her several nominations and awards. She is a perfect example of following your dreams and not giving up on them. We wish Sarah Shahi all the success and happiness in her career and personal life.

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