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Unleashing the Humor: The Rise and Fall of Brooks Wheelan

Humor is a powerful tool that can lighten the mood, ease tension, and bring joy to people’s lives. Stand-up comedians have mastered the art of making people laugh, and they are always on the lookout for the next big break. Brooks Wheelan was one of those aspiring comedians who tried to make it big in the entertainment industry. He had his moments of glory and setbacks over the years. Let’s dive into the story of Brooks Wheelan’s journey in the world of comedy and how he rose and fell in his career.

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Comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires wit, humor, and excellent comic timing to make people laugh. Brooks Wheelan, a rising star in the world of stand-up comedy, learned this the hard way. He had to face numerous hurdles before finally getting his big break. From working as a data analyst to landing a job in Saturday Night Live (SNL), Brooks has seen it all. This blog post traces the journey of Brooks Wheelan and his rise and fall in the world of comedy.

Early Life

Brooks Wheelan is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He was born on August 21, 1986, and grew up in Iowa City. Brooks had an affinity for stand-up comedy from an early age. He used to watch SNL and Comedy Central shows and hoped to become a comedian someday.

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College and Early Career

Brooks went to the University of Iowa, where he pursued a degree in biomedical engineering. However, he wasn’t passionate about the field and dropped out to pursue his dream of becoming a comedian. He moved to Los Angeles and worked multiple odd jobs to make ends meet. Brooks did open mic sessions in comedy clubs and got his first break when he won the Comedy Central’s “Laugh Riots” competition. This opened the doors for him in the comedy scene and led to his first TV appearance on “CONAN.”

The Rise of Brooks Wheelan

Brooks’s career gained momentum when he landed a job as a writer for SNL in 2013. He was later hired as a cast member for the 39th season. Brooks had a unique style of comedy that resonated with audiences, and he became a fan favorite. His sketches, including “Bad Doctor,” “Porn Stars” and “Celebrity Family Feud,” were well-received and garnered millions of views on YouTube.

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The Fall of Brooks Wheelan

Brooks’s stint on SNL didn’t last long. His contract was not renewed for the next season, and he was let go along with other cast members. This came as a surprise as he had a growing fan base and was expected to continue on the show. However, Brooks took it in stride and continued to work on his comedy career.

Life After SNL

After leaving SNL, Brooks continued to perform at comedy clubs and theaters across the country. He released his comedy album, “This Is Cool, Right?” in 2015. Brooks also appeared in various TV shows, including “Comedy Bang Bang,” “The Half Hour,” and “Adam Devine’s House Party.” In 2022, he was one of the selected comics for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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Q1: What was Brooks Wheelan’s character like on SNL?

Ans: Brooks was known for his wacky characters, including a bad doctor, an open mic comedian, and a porn star.

Q2: What are some other TV shows Brooks Wheelan has appeared in?

Ans: Brooks has appeared in shows like “Comedy Bang Bang,” “The Half Hour,” and “Adam Devine’s House Party.”

Q3: How did Brooks get his first TV appearance?

Ans: Brooks won the Comedy Central’s “Laugh Riots” competition, which led to his first TV appearance on “CONAN.”

Q4: Which comedy album did Brooks release in 2015?

Ans: Brooks released his comedy album “This Is Cool, Right?” in 2015.

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Q5: Was Brooks the only cast member who was let go after season 39 of SNL?

Ans: No, Brooks was let go along with other cast members after season 39 of SNL.

Q6: Where did Brooks attend college?

Ans: Brooks attended the University of Iowa.

Q7: What was Brooks’s first job in the entertainment industry?

Ans: Brooks worked as a writer for SNL before landing a role as a cast member.


Brooks Wheelan’s journey in the world of comedy has been one of ups and downs. He faced numerous hurdles but never gave up on his dream of becoming a comedian. Brooks’s unique style of comedy earned him a place on SNL, but his contract was not renewed after the first season. Nevertheless, he continued to pursue his passion for comedy and gained a following through his performances and TV appearances. Despite the setbacks, Brooks’s perseverance and talent helped him find his place in the ever-evolving world of stand-up comedy. If you like comedy, you should check out Brooks Wheelan’s work.

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